UX research or design research is helping us identify our assumptions, what is prove and what is not across our target audience, recognize customer needs, and goals. It helps us to improve our understanding and make our product work better.

During the project kick-off meeting, most likely, our clients question what we do, especially when they do not have a design or developer background. “Why you should make a journey map?” “Why do you spend a lot of time create an empathy map?” “Why do you do those things?” “Is that matter?”. We should help them understand how research can…

A usability test is important to help us understand how people interact with our product. It is to make sure anything works well which means a person with average ability and experience can use it without getting frustrated. the product can be anything: website, an oven, an app, etc. If we find some problems during the test about our product, it can be fixed before the product launch.

The main benefit is we can save time and money. …

Why do a user needs assessment?. One question is to understand why people would want to use a product or service in the first place. Oftentimes, we assume that we know why people buy products, but we may not know their full line of motivations in reality.

A user needs assessment helps us get to the bottom of that. Another question is, how people use or don’t use a product or service. Sometimes after you’ve designed a service in a particular way, people find that they want to use it for a different purpose, in a different manner.

All of…

As a UX design & research enthusiast, I have a dream to become a product manager someday. Well, we should set our dream high right?. I often asked myself “What is the role of a product manager? What it takes to become a great one?”. A PM is a person who identifies the user need, how a product or feature will fulfill, define success, help motivate teams, and responsible for the outcome from data research through design and development to marketing, sales, and support.

Based on an article in Harvard Business Review, aspiring PMs should consider three primary factors: emotional…

MVP and Prototype Definition

You can build an application which completely wrong then fix it and make it better or you spend months developing an expensive application with all the fancy features, but at launch, you find nobody wants it. Not testing your ideas is a great way to fall fast. There is a reason why we need MVPs and prototypes.

A minimum viable product (MVP) is a version of a product with just enough features to be usable by early customers who can then provide feedback for future product development [1][2]. Meanwhile, a prototype is a hypothesis behind a…


Plant Jammer, a vegetarian recipe creation app that combines AI in both unique and functional to substitute ingredients. The app is also promoted AI to create a recipe from the ingredients that we have on our fridge. It promotes healthy eating, learning in the kitchen, and reducing food waste. This four-year-old Danish start-up got a 4 million euro investment in its AI algorithm and platform. Its application is already used by 10,000 households in Europe. This portfolio was made to join sponsored by Plant Jammer.

Users and Scenarios

Before we get into a solution, it’s important to communicate…

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